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PSA Program

A program focused on road safety, caring for the environment and the prevention of teenage pregnancy.
The Public Service Announcements project seeks to educate the population about the consequences of the main problems in the Dominican Republic, such as road safety, teenage pregnancy and the consequences of human activities on the environment, in addition to educating them on how to take care of themselves.

With a series of public service announcements and social media campaigns currently in production, Alegre hopes to begin to reverse statistics like these and achieve a happier and longer life for the people of the Dominican Republic.

Cultura Viva recognizes that, to elevate a culture and a people, it is necessary to resolve the adversities that arise. The foundation has submitted its proposal for public relations services to the Alegre Global Assistance Charity foundation. The funds requested will cover the approved proposals and some of the requests from other foundations that fulfill our mission and individuals.
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