The first in the country Telemedicine service project is under research!
Dominican healthcare system is way far behind of what is considered standard in US or Europe. Medical practices are outdated and there is a huge lack of both healthcare establishments (such as hospitals and healthcare centers) and healthcare professionals (doctors and nurses). Taking into account the pandemic, one of the major issues nowadays is that the Medical services are delivered without appointment on a first-come, first-served basis. Typically a citizen accesses medical care by arriving at a facility in the morning, signing up for an appointment, and then waiting until their name is called. For the average citizen, it is usual to wait several hours in this manner whenever they seek medical care.

These long wait times in crowded conditions create unnecessary problems and severely reduce the quality of medical care Dominicans receive, potentially making the medical conditions worse

Cultura Viva is exploring the best way to address this situation, by conducting a deep research into a nationwide Online Medical Consultation and Appointment service, commonly referred to as TeleMedicine. This service will allow Dominicans to receive medical attention faster while helping to alleviate the overcrowding and pressure endured by the nation’s medical facilities.
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