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Personal Development Seminars

In 2021 the Cultura Viva Foundation also analyzed other possibilities to expand the educational impact on Dominicans, providing them with skills to improve their quality of life.

The previous chaos of the pandemic worsened the problems in the educational sector, instead of preparation for success the work became a more urgent need for the population.

In early October 2021, we have successfully designed a seminar program with 10 initial units, intended to provide training in the vital knowledge and skills needed to successfully create and manage an educational career and put it into active delivery to the public.

This educational program is created and presented with foundational skills, presented with a series of digital visual materials, to enhance students' skills and help advance their personal character and career goals in their life.

The program got off to a very productive start; good acceptance and positive feedback from the groups who received the seminars with excellent interaction and participation.

Despite being very new, the program delivered over 1000 educational hours in 2021, and had over 100 graduates with their first course.

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