Noche de Cine Gratis

With this program we bring happiness to hundreds of children of the north coast of the Dominican Republic.
Noche de Cine Gratis is a free mobile movie theatre program complemented by educational seminars. This program’s specific purpose is to bring happiness and learning to underprivileged children throughout the Dominican Republic.

This program consists of giving a short educational seminar and then showing movies along with providing snacks to children and families that otherwise see very little relief from the daily struggles of life. Alegre recognizes that laughter and fun are just as important and the basic necessities of living.

Organizing and running this project, Cultura Viva and Alegre work together to bring this program to schools, churches, community centers, orphanages and parks.

In 2020, we held about 150 movie night events and had about 8000 attendees in total. This program has helped thousands of underprivileged Dominicans and it will help thousands more.

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