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Dream Poject

As a local non-profit organization, Cultura Viva Foundation has expanded its educational sponsorship and collaboration alliances with other centers that promote education. With the objective of formulating and implementing new educational strategies to promote the use of new projects in educational seminars to improve the quality of education.

Dentro de esta colaboración está The DREAM Project. The DREAM Project es un proyecto educativo, establecido en 15 áreas de la República Dominicana, incluidos Cabarete y Puerto Plata, que educa a más de 8,000 niños, jóvenes y adultos jóvenes a través de 17 programas innovadores en alfabetización, educación infantil, liderazgo juvenil y otros programas comunitarios.

Since the beginning of the year 2022, Cultura Viva Foundation has brought its seminars and programs to more than 200 students from the DREAM centers, which has led to a successful beneficiary partnership.

In April this initiative added value to the work that Cultura Viva Foundation is doing to improve the quality of education, with the collaboration for a beneficiary event called ''The DREAM Night Out Fundraiser'' organized by The DREAM Project with the objective of strengthening our commitment to improve the education of hundreds of children in the area through the centers of The DREAM Project.

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