Food aid

The Food Aid project was born out of the need to help Dominicans through the COVID-19 pandemic.
2020 has brought unprecedented circumstances to the world’s doorstep.

The Dominican Republic was not immune to these situations. Facing the pandemic DR had announced emergency state and shut down the country. All the commercial activities were suspended that left thousands of Dominicans with no job, no income, and no means to survive the pandemic. 

Since the DR is economically poor country, the pandemic have put its people in a very precarious position regarding basic living requirements such as food. Many Dominican people and families have lost their livelihoods and are going without proper nourishment. Cultura Viva with Alegre’s support has begun isolating the most needful and hand delivering essential food items to their doorsteps.

With this program in 2020, Cultura Viva had distributed 1,250 food packages, providing more than 2,500 people with a weeks’ worth of food.

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