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Cultura Viva

Cultura Viva Foundation is a non-profit organization established under the laws of the Dominican Republic since May 3, 2019.
Cultura Viva has successfully started its operations by signing a grant agreement with Alegre Global Assistance Charities Inc., to execute numerous programs that promote and enhance education, health, and culture in impoverished communities of the Dominican Republic.
With the donated funds we provide a relief from the daily challenges to the community of Puerto Plata province! We provide children with safe and educational entertainment activities, offer humanitarian help to people in need, investigate and work on opportunities of improving Dominican education and health services.
Promote education, health and culture, especially in children, delivering many services and events that enhance the cultural and educational improvement of the community, regardless of race, religion and beliefs, particularly in the municipality of Sosúa.
Develop cultural and educational knowledge of the Puerto Plata province, with special focus on the children, through activities and events related to such purposes: Improve the living and health condition of the province.

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Pedro Tejada

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Volunteer NCG

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